Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Holiday Wishlist

So whenever I have a holiday coming up I always end up having a huge wishlist which ends up in spending a lot of money and a jam packed case and usually when I get on holiday I don't wear half the things I've bought! So before starting holiday shopping for my holiday coming up in April I looked at what I had and decided only to buy things I could wear with more than one outfit so here is my holiday wishlist!

This little dress is from Forever 21. The Forever 21 where I live is massive and has millions of stock so at times it can be overwhelming but if you take the time to actually go round the store and look at things you can find some pretty nice pieces for a reasonable price! This little coral dress is perfect for during the day but you can easily take it to a night time outfit with some heels.

I must admit I didn't love these as soon as I saw them but they were shoes that I just couldn't get out my head and eventually I did give in and buy them. They're from ASOS and I love the style of them and I'm always mesmerised by holographic things, just imagine how shiny they'll be in the sun! I'm really hoping they'll be comfy to walk around in all day otherwise they'll be no use for during the day.

This is another bit from Forever 21. I think this would be really pretty with a maxi skirt and if you wear it during the day it means no strap lines which is always a bonus! 

I struggle to find denim shorts that I actually like but these ASOS shorts. They're high wasted which is good if you want to wear some crop tops but I also really like to wear slouchy/baggy vest tops with my newly purchased sandals and I'd be ready to go!

This is a missguided playsuit which I thought was really cute, white is always a nice colour to wear on holiday when you have a tan. I think playsuits are so comfy to wear and this is another really nice piece to take from day to night as well

I thought this black ASOS maxi dress was so pretty, the detail in the middle makes it prettier than just the regular maxi dresses. They're so comfy to wear and don't make you too hot, sometimes I don't like wearing stiff denim when it's really hot outside.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Weekend in Berlin

Berlin or just Germany in general has always been somewhere I've wanted to visit since I started doing German as a subject in school which was nearly 9 years ago! And for my Christmas my amazing boyfriend treated me to a long weekend in Berlin.
So I thought I'd just do a sort of diary from my time there, it was such a great weekend and Germany is definitely somewhere I want to visit  again even though any sort of knowledge of the language I learned has sort of left my head since school I did understand some of it.

The first day was longg, we were up at 4 in the morning to get our flight to London and then through to Berlin but after a 30 minute nap in our hotel room we were up and out to go and look around what was near us. We were situated just beside Kurfurstendamm which is a really long shopping street which suits me, this also meant lots of restaurants and bars near us too which was good! We got on the U-Bahn and went to see the Brandenburg Gate, which at night was so pretty! Something else I noticed was how amazing and futuristic the buildings were.

Saturday consisted of dragging Andrew round the shops and going for lunch at pizza hut before heading to the East Side Gallery for a wander along with a hot chocolate because it was freezing, by far the coldest day of the weekend!

Sunday was a jam packed day, we started off early with a visit to the Olympic Stadium, it wouldn't be something I would of visited on my own accord but it was quite interesting when we got there and it is quite an amazing looking building. Then we headed to the Berlin Zoo, it had a petting zoo which I love but sometimes I freak out a bit about actually feeding or touching any of the animals in case they bite me.. but there was the cutest little black and white goat that I just followed about taking pictures of it and feeding it haha!

Dunkin' Donuts was something I couldn't resist while we were there, I've only ever seen them in New York and it was amazing, I got a strawberry frosting doughnut with a hot chocolate.

 We also decided sort of last minute to go and visit Checkpoint Charlie and ended up going to Black Box which is a sort of little museum about Checkpoint Charlie and The Cold War and its all digital and multimedia, it was really interesting and something I'm glad we ended up doing and it was only 5 euros each! Beside this we also found a photo booth that are all around Berlin that give you a set of four black and white pictures, its a nice little souvenir to take home!

We found a pub near our hotel that was really nice and had a live band playing one night, they also did a litre of beer which Andrew ended up getting (and I just posed with) and we had something to eat there too! All in all it was a really enjoyable weekend thats re-established my love for the German language and I will definitely be returning soon!