Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Daily Make up

Over the years I have slowly become more concerned about sleeping in the morning rather than getting up that bit earlier to do my make up! So during the week when I have to get up earlier there are a few bits of make up that I constantly use that gets the job done in as little time as possible! I'm also not any kind of make up artist or professional I just do what works and I think looks good on me.

After washing my face I start off with Simple moisturiser followed by the Rimmel fix & perfect primer which I picked up on my way home one day just because I'd ran out  but I've been pleasantly surprised with it!

Then I use Nars Sheer Glow foundation with a real techniques buffing brush and then some of the HOOLA Benefit Bronzer with a contour brush, this is not my favourite but I haven't found anything that's amazed me so I'm stuck using this until my next bronzer purchase! (Recommendations on a good bronzer are more than welcome)

Then I just use some eyelash curlers and Soap and Glory's mascara - which is really good - a sephora eyeliner, benefits brow zing and powder my whole face with mac's loose finishing powder. I also recently found my cherry baby lips again which I love just because it's really moisturising and it gives your lips a little bit of colour.

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