Monday, 3 November 2014

My Week In Pictures

Just to try something away from the beauty I decided to do my week in pictures. I love reading other peoples and I've just been waiting to do something semi interesting to actually take pictures of so I could try it out for myself!

 1 - Costa, I'd heard good things about this cheese and tomato toastie so thought I'd try it one day after college with a hot chocolate and it's amazing and surprisingly filling! I would definitely recommend it, it's almost like a toastie pizza hybrid.

2 & 3 - Most of my week revovles around getting the train to and from college and the sun was looking really pretty this day so I thought I'd snap a quick picture of it! While I was in the station at Glasgow I noticed they'd projected a picture of a witch onto the big clock, which I thought was quite cute and I think they had a different picture each day the week before Halloween!

4 -  On Tuesday we had a mini Halloween party and my dog was more than happy to get involved, she genuinely loved having this cloak on and she looks so cute! My other dog was the complete opposite and refused to join in on the Halloween celebrations but I'm sure she would of looked just as good!

5, 6 & 7 - During the week I was taken out to dinner by my lovely boyfriend, we tend to repeatedly go to Italians but it's what we both like so why not?! This time we ended up in DiMaggio's at the Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow. During this time of the year these little fairy lights are put up and are stretched across between the buildings and every year I think it's one of the prettiest sites in Glasgow!

8 -  I can go for ages without getting my nails done and then suddenly have a notion again, so I booked myself in to get some acrylic nails in this really nice deep purple colour and a more shimmery bluey/purple on my ring finger. I must admit I wish I'd got them all shimmery and normally after a few weeks of having them on I start to get agitated and want to paint them another colour!

9 & 10 - Over the weekend I decided to take my two puppies Millie and Harper to the beach for a walk. There is nothing better than seeing them running about in the sand, dipping into the sea and having fun. And I love walking along the beach as well even though it was really windy!

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