Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Quick Slimming-ish Pizza!

One of my main problems in life is that I want to lose weight but..I really love pizza. A while back I tried Slimming World which worked until I went on holiday and then I kinda lost it, but while I was there I found a really good recipe for a pizza base! 

Literally all you'll need is
  • 125g strong bread flour 
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • a 7g sachet of instant yeast (you can buy a little box in tesco of this amount)
  • 75ml of warm water 
  • Mozzarella cheese & toppings of your choice!

Measure out the flour and pour it in the bowl with the little satchet of yeast and give it a quick mix then make a little dip in the flour and pour the 75ml of water. The recipe says to use a wooden spoon to mix these together but I prefer to use my hands and just gradually scoop it all into a ball! 

Once you do this just sprinkle a little flour onto a chopping board and start to roll it out into the shape and thickness you want. For some reason I can never get a perfect circle but it's ok because it's just for me!

Obviously the toppings is up to you and your preferences. I didn't have too much in the house to put on my pizza as I just decided to have this for lunch at the last minute! So I went for just some sweetcorn, chicken and obviously the mozzarella and tomato pasata for the base.

This is the not very appetising looking result - getting food to look nice just isn't my strong point! So you just pop this in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 180 and you're ready to eat! 

If you have the ingredients this is so quick to make and it's so good as well. Let me know if any of you try it! 

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