Monday, 8 December 2014

My Week In Pictures - 2

It's rare that I get to do a lot of exciting things in the one week but when I do I love to take millions of pictures to then put them into a blog post! My week started with me and Andrew buying a new Christmas jumper which is something I do nearly every year, this one was cheap from H&M. Then it was my grans birthday and we went to a really nice Italian which had one of my latest favourite dessert- white chocolate cheesecake!

Glasgow and Edinburgh both have Christmas markets at this time of year and while the Glasgow one is good, we always travel through to the Edinburgh one as it's a lot bigger and just a bit better I think. And the first thing we did was get a Bratwurst which are incredible!! Then I got a hot chocolate with some roasted cashew nuts and Andrew got a beer to have as we wandered round all the stalls. Even though its always extremely busy and you can't always stop at things for as long time I still really enjoy it!

We also had dinner and drinks with friends but I was too hungry to capture the food on camera before I demolished it!

Earlier in the year when we went to London I had my first Ben's Cookie and it was life changing! Millies cookies just aren't the same now so when I found out a Ben's cookie had opened up in Edinburgh I made sure I was visiting it to get my hands on some!

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