Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Pamper Night

This time of year is never that great, Christmas and New Year is all over and you have to get back into the routine of work/college/uni so sometimes it's nice to just come home and pamper yourself!

First thing I always do is run a bath and put in a Lush bathbomb, this particular day I picked Northern Lights which I talked about a little on a post I did a few months back.

Then I get all the things I'll need such as a nice face mask, one of my favourites is the soap and glory no clogs allowed. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth after, its amazing!

I also got this massage bar as part of a set for Christmas and it is also amazing, it comes in this little tin but as soon as you apply it onto wet skin it melts onto the skin and moisturises you like nothing else. This will definitely be repurchased!

 I normally light some candles as well and set up my laptop to an episode of whatever tv show I'm watching so I can just relax because if I have nothing to watch/do I start to get restless in the hot water!

Sometimes I use a hair mask if needed and have a nice relaxed night watching a movie, drinking tea and painting my nails once I'm out!

What are your essentials for a pamper night?

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  1. This is what i call a lush worthy bath! Looks good enough to diveright into :)